Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 2: Around Strasbourg

A fun day in Strasbourg!

We had a chance to sleep in this morning and had breakfast at 9am before heading to practice in the gym down the street. It was fun to have some spectators from the local club there to watch us as we trained.

After practice, we headed back to the hotel and showered before packing into vans to head into downtown Strasbourg for a tour of the city. There we met with Marguerite, the mother of one of our hosts, who has given tours in Strasbourg for many years.

She walked us around the city for a bit before we all met for lunch in a little restaurant downtown that served traditional Alsacian cuisine. We had a delicious lunch and headed outside to check out the Strasbourg Cathedral, a beautiful church that was the tallest in Europe until the 19th century, when one in Germany beat it out!

She told us that people used to come and pray for children in this church, and that often storks were seen hanging outside the church, or on the church itself. Apparently this is where the myth about storks delivering children originated!!

Sadly the church was closed because it was a holiday, and they were giving a special ceremony inside for a priest who was becoming ordained. Even still, the outside was absolutely gorgeous!!

Since it began to rain, we cut the tour a little bit short and headed back to the vans after another walk through the city.
Strasbourg was definitely a beautiful city, with lots of history, having belonged to both Germany and France!!


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