Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 1: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

It was a typical day of travel...long waits, layovers, lost bags, and jetlag. But somehow, 27 hours later, 19 players, 2 coaches, and a trainer finally made it to the HOtel Atelys in Strasbourg, France.

Sadly, Dawn, Maren, and Edina missed the first train from Paris after trying to locate Maren's luggage, which had been lost since her Monday night flight from Texas. After filing a claim, they made the next train and arrived safely in Strasbourg two hours later.

The biggest challenge of the day was trying to stay awake to adjust to the new schedule SOme of the team walked around the suburb of Lingolsheim, where the team is staying and training at the l'ecole Maxime Alexandre.

At 7pm, the whole team walked up the street to the school gym where the local hosts arranged for a traditional Alsace dinner that included "tarte flambee"- grilled crepe with ham and cheese for the main course, and with apples and cinnemon for dessert.

After a nice social with the local organizing committe, the WNT headed back to the hotel for a long night of much-needed sleep!!


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